Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Sponsors for 2012

I am very pleased, honored, and excited to announce that I will be working with Power Bar, CycleOps and Kiwami this upcoming season. The final logistics are still being finalized, but I am excited to use CycleOps power tools, including their new heart rate based power meter. Also, I have competed in the Kiwami Amphibian suit, which is an incredibly fast suit. I am very excited to be partnering with these two excellent companies. For anybody that knows me, I eat a lot, and love power bars, so it only made sense to work with Power Bar team elite for the next two years!

Also, a local law firm, Bifferato Gentilotti Law will be a chief financial sponsor for the coming year. I am working hard to be the best at triathlon, and they are the some of the best attourneys in town. I am so ever grateful for their help, as it is impossible to get into triathlon without financial help. In addition to this law firm, I have Delaware Orthopaedic Specialists financially backing me. Dr. Townsend, at Delaware Ortho, was the doctor that performed the surgery to fix my wrist. i am deeply grateful for both these companies.
I am also greatly thankful for personal friends that have provided support to me in any shape. I cannot begin to thank them enough!

Bifferato Gentilotti Law Firm

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