Sunday, January 15, 2012

Icicle 10 Miler

This morning I made my 2012 race debut! It was a fun 10 mile race called the PSIC Icicle 10 Miler, and I went to the race with my training partner, Andy Weaver. The course is one of the hilliest in Delaware,
and it tends to fall on the coldest and windiest day all year! This was no disappointment to the rough conditions. Race time temperature was 22 degrees and swirling winds.
 Below is my race report for the race and will have more pictures to come.

Registering bright and early

Deej, Weaver, and myself at 1 mile (4:57 downhill)

2 mile shake out at 6:10 with Weaver, 2 mile warm up, some drills, 3 minutes at tempo effort about 10 minutes before the gun.

Deej took the first 2 miles out hard. I felt comfortable, but was weary as I've never raced 10 miles before. He would surge downhills and my quads (and downhill form) were not happy. He and Weaver gapped me during the very uphill 4th mile, I just lost concentration, and they were up the road. Didn't let them slip away, and kept them in sight for most of the run. Was 20 seconds down to 

Deej at 7 miles and 40 to Weaver. The last 2 miles were screaming downhill except this awful hill right before the finish. Happy with the overall result, stayed in the race after being dropped and never gave up. The last 2 miles could have been better- never have been a great downhill runner and these 2 definitely revealed that weakness. 
Weaver and myself Post Race w/ awards from PSIC
Cooled down a VERY slow 20 minutes after. DRC racing team swept 1-4 spots on the podium and the top 3 all broke the existing course record of 54:03. Splits:
5:32= (26:44 half way)
5:35= 53:52

After the race, I slept awhile and headed to the pool for 5.5K at night. I was happy with this season opener, and excited to get back to racing especially after watching the Olympic Trials marathon yesterday. Will need a lot of time on the trigger point therapy grid/recovery kit as well as zoot recovery tights to get back at training tomorrow!


  1. Congrats on a nice result. I thought about entering this race, but I don't enjoy running hills or being cold ... so I bagged it. (Will probably kick off my season at the JCC Snowball 5 Miler.)

  2. Thanks! I agree, it was a really cold and hilly day out there! Not my cup of tee, but it was fun and a good season opener. Good luck at Snowball.