Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nickel City EDR/Finally a pro!

So this weekends elite development- draft legal sprint race was cancelled, but Buffalo, NY hosted the Nickel City triathlon that would qualify the top three overall for Pro Licenses. This race was tough going in because of three crazy injuries that I accrued in the last week. After an XC meet last weekend, I hurt the tendon around one of my metatarsals that took me off my feet for two days. Then, while not running, I was hit by a car and possibly have a small break in my wrist. Thirdly, the day before the race, my knee started hurting every time I flexed it! I felt like the walking wounded, but tried to not even think about them because I knew when I started, the adrenaline would take over.

I was right for the most part. The swim was rough where I could feel my wrist's instability every other stroke, and that lack of power was exacerbated by the fact that I was swimming in no man's land. Dan Eckler and another 3 good swimmers had a big gap on me, then I was well ahead of the next group behind me. Ended up getting out of the water in 5th, about 2 minutes back.

The bike consisted of two loops, the first of which, I was just trying to warm up! Lake Erie is a cool lake with 67 degree water temps. After catching up to third place, I knew I was at least able to get my pro card if I could hold that position. Every bump in the road hurt the wrist, but that took my mind off my burning legs! I did not get my race split yet, but had 1:02:13 from my bike for 25 miles. Pretty solid split for some hills. Wanted to go faster, but can't complain.

The run went great. I knew there was only a 10k separating me from officially being a PRO. I took off hard to try and bridge up to the leaders (over 2 minutes ahead). While I put time into their lead, I never caught them despite a close to 32 minute run split. They had great races too!

After the race, I was able to talk with Barb Lindquist and watch the pro ITU races going on during the afternoon. I plan to race the Myrtle Beach ITU pan am cup October 9th as long as everything goes smoothly signing up through ITU entries. I learned a lot from watching the pros that day, and honestly cant wait to get a crack at draft legal racing!

The top three overall. All of us college athletes before turning to Triathlon. Big props to Barb Lindquist for her collegiate recruitment program!


  1. Dan - Congrats on getting your Pro card! I wish you continued success as you follow your dream.

    -Dave Gertler

  2. Thank you so much Mr. Gertler! Your post reminds me to make sure I go over all my posts from Writing Workshop!

  3. Looks like that Writing Workshop class worked out well for you - your blog makes a fine read. Writing is most worth reading when the writer is passionate about his topic, as you clearly are about triathloning. (Alistair Brownlee had better watch out!)