Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Great Training Block

So after a tough race at Age group nationals, I had two options. The first was to get out and train harder, the second, which was never even an option, was to feel sorry for myself and give in. The week after AG nationals, I logged my highest volume week while still maintaining intensity.  I was able to hit 150 miles on the bike, 65 on the run, and 15k in the pool. This included a set of 3*2 mile cut down reps the Wednesday after the race with the last two 10:13 and 9:59. I also was able to get a few good TT efforts in on the bike including one 8 mile TT avg 25.4 mph after a 15 mile ride, run, and subsequent run and ride home after. I'm really excited at how my cycling is coming along.

The other aspect I can't overlook is the resurgence of training partners! My running buddy, Andy Weaver, started his build up for a half marathon in September, so working out with him has made it so much easier to push the pace, go longer, and have good workouts. While doing workouts solo is mentally a good thing, sometimes the addition of a partner can bring you to bigger and better levels.

That's it for now, back to training with an easier week for The Nation's Tri on Sunday, September 11th. I'm hoping the monsoon that has enveloped the east coast will stop soon- or at the very least keep the swim at Nation's Tri still on!

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