Saturday, December 3, 2011

2012 Race Schedule

Here is my tentative schedule for racing tri's in 2012. Some of the races will depend on funding to travel to them, and I may have the opportunity to extend the season after October, but will not know until later. I am looking to finish my undergraduate studies next fall, so I may have to take some time to finish the requisite credits.
About the races, I am excited to race collegiate tri nationals and a REV3 race as I have heard great things about both races. I am looking to race as many ITU races as possible so I will travel to Clermont, Fl; Dallas, TX; Magog, Canada; Kewlona, Canada; and Buffalo, NY. Upon qualification, I will be racing World University Games in Taiwan, which will be my mid season big race in late June. Also pending qualification, I will race U23 world championships in New Zealand in October. I will also be doing 4-5 local races in the Piranha Race Series, where I will be looking to help out a local Tri team, Brick's Multisport, earn some points to earn the team title. the winner of the series is also awarded some money, which will help to fund some of my travel! I listed 5-6 of the races in the series (with * to denote that I won't be able to do all of them).

3/3/12 Claremont ITU Sprint
4/21/12 Collegiate Nationals Olympic
5/8/12 Rev3 Knoxville Olympic
5/20/12 Escape from DE* Olympic
6/3/12 Dallas Cont. Cup Olympic
6/9/12 Lavalove Triathlon Sprint
6/17/12 Washington DC 5150 Olympic
6/24/12 Philly Tri Olympic
6/30/12 World University Games Olympic
7/15/12 Magog Cont. Cup Olympic
7/27/12 Pittsburgh tri* Olympic
8/19/12 Lums Pond* sprint
8/19/12 Kewlona Olympic
9/15/12 Buffalo Cont. Cup Olympic
9/16/12 Marshman* Sprint
10/14/12 Cape henlopen* Sprint
10/22/12 U23 World Champs Olympic

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