Saturday, October 29, 2011

Finding the good in the rough times

On Friday, October 21st I had an appointment with Dr. Townsend at Delaware Orthopaedics to look at my wrist. I had the opportunity to volunteer and intern at this office during the past summer. Because of that, I had a pretty good idea that my scaphoid bone was broken (and I raced my last two races on it), but I was hoping to not need surgery. Unfortunately, I had a separated scaphoid bone, and would need a screw to fix my two halves of the bone together! Initially, I was super upset because this would mean loss of two weeks of training, plus a surgery. After a little bit, I accepted the fact I needed surgery, and the bone would heal, and this is the time to get this procedure done.

The following Wednesday, I had surgery and it went, "perfectly" according to the surgeon. I apparently responded (in my post anesthesia state), "that's how I roll."  I apologized for this later, but Dr. Townsend liked the gumption and positive attitude I had. This attitude can only help the bone heal faster. I will be in s water proof cast in two weeks, which will allow me to swim, bike (on the trainer), and run freely. Until then, I am catching up on school work, keeping my hand elevated, and helping out with the UD tri club. I have convinced myself that I will be stronger after some solid rest, and be rejuvenated Nov 8th to begin 2012 preparations. Until then, I will hear the joke, "Dan, do you have a question?" about 1,000 times, but it's all good. I am becoming ambidextrous and a little more proficient typimg with only my left hand,  and most importantly staying positive!

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