Sunday, April 20, 2014

2014 Delaware Valley Duathlon and Looking Ahead

Saturday, April 19th marked one of the first duathlons on the mid atlantic calendar every season, the Delaware Valley duathlon. I raced and won last year, and it was a great tune up for the Barbados continental cup the following weekend. My schedule is taking the same form as I race in Barbados on April 27th, so this race served as a great way to stay sharp and tune up. Also, my big points from Barbados last year at this weekend will be cut in 1/3 so it is important to get back up on rankings!

This year was much more pleasant weather than last year and we had 45-50 degree weather at the start compared with 30 degrees last year. 

I knew from many races around this area that Dave Slavinski would give me good competition on the bike as he always seems to be a strong rider. The run went off and I took it out relatively comfortably running Just around 5 minute pace for 2- miles and the last mile easing off a little to prevent cramps that I am so akin to getting during duathlons. Came in at 15:56 for the first 5k and did not see the second runner while I was in T1. 
I got going not the out and back course for 25K of rolling hills. We had a strong wind going out but I just focused on staying aero up and down the hills. At the turn, I saw I had about 20-25 seconds on Dave and I tried to really push with the wind at my back until the second turn around at 11 miles (past the park). I had opened up a slightly larger lead on Dave and we both had been pretty clear of the field. I easier off the gas a little heading into T2. Split 39:10 to Dave's 39:00.

Got out on the run course and had a slight miscommunication from a volunteer but only ran a few seconds the wrong way. Got out and avoided calf cramps, thankfully, and hit the mile in 5:20 and pushed the second mile to 5:04, at which point I was getting some side cramps but nothing terrible. I cruised in the last mile in 5:20 with the goal being having a great race next weekend. Ended up running about 16:30 for the second 5k. Happy to get a really solid workout in heading into one of my favorite continental cups of the year.
It was also great to race with some of the local members of Team Philly Pro Tri, who has been a sponsor and team of mine since this race last year. Finally, had a great time the Thursday before representing Powerbar at Middletown Bike line for a group ride and nutrition talk! Now it is time to gear up for my first research pretension this week at University of Delaware on Wednesday and flying to Barbados on Friday.

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